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Honeycomb aluminum plate

Honeycomb aluminum plate
Honeycomb aluminum plate is self-developed by Henan Chalco, and a new type of ship interior partition material, which is successfully manufactured with green materials made in China.

The composition of Honeycomb aluminum plate: fireproof panel + aluminum panel + aluminium honeycomb + aluminum panel + fireproof panel. The aluminum panel contains 98% aluminum, 1% mg, and other small amounts of iron and silicon, after H19 ultra cold hardening treatment, the yield strength reached 175Mpa, composite American Standard QQ-A-250/26 and British standard BS1470. Honeycomb aluminum plate comes in a variety of sizes, In order to obtain the minimum weight and the maximum rigidity and strength of the sandwich structure. The main structure of the aluminum panel and the aluminum honeycomb core material and the fireproof panel are adhered by viscose, It guarantees the structural integrity and full performance of the composite plate. In the bonding process of the composite plate, a certain amount of pressure is applied to the contact panel, this ensures that the glue has good contact with the two layers. After complete cure, the peel strength reached 30--40N/era, and the shear strength reached 7.5Mpa (DIN53282 standard).

aluminum honeycomb plate

Honeycomb aluminum plate features:

1、Honeycomb aluminum plate has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, moisture resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Due to the above characteristics, the product has been widely used in the train and shipbuilding industry, especially for the wall partition and decoration materials of modern high-speed trains, high speed yachts and luxury passenger ships. At the same time, the core material of Honeycomb aluminum plate is made of metallic aluminum foil material, and it won't absorb moisture at one time. The aluminum foil itself will not corrode, and will not breed bacteria, so it can greatly prolong the service life of the sheet metal. honeycomb aluminum plate no dust leakage phenomenon, not harmful to human health, effectively overcome the traditional composite rock wool board core material, rock wool absorb moisture, corrosion structure plate, affect the strength, and shorten the life of shortcomings.

2、Honeycomb aluminum plate has sound insulation, heat insulation, fire protection and other functional features.

Honeycomb aluminum plate has good sound insulation and heat insulation performance. It is especially suitable for interior wall partition, decorative panel, ceiling and platform board decoration. The energy absorption capacity of honeycomb aluminum plate is 150~2500KJ/M, and the noise reduction effect of 0~3200Hz can reach 20~33dB. Therefore, honeycomb aluminum plate is a sound insulation, vibration isolation effect is very good material.

The thermal conductivity of honeycomb aluminum plate is 0.104~0.130 W/M.K, so it is also an ideal energy-saving fireproof insulation material.
3、Honeycomb aluminum plate has the characteristics of good flatness and strong adaptability.

Honeycomb aluminum plate of all sizes have excellent flatness, and the cutting has the advantages of not easily deforming, and can be processed into various special-shaped plates according to the requirements of different shapes. The honeycomb aluminum plate section of aluminium foil honeycomb force strong, plane compressive strength up to 500kgf/m - and no deformation, anti shock performance. At the same time, it can cut, drill, screw and so on, the geometric size is accurate, with excellent processing technology and installation performance.

To sum up, the honeycomb aluminum plate structure is used as the interior partition panel of the cabin, not only can maintain the strength and stiffness requirements, meet the requirements of sound insulation and heat insulation, but also can reduce the weight of the structure. This is especially important for ships that emphasize both the fast performance of ships and the comfort of ships. As long as the shipyard adopts reasonable and effective sealing measures and a reasonable boundary fixed node form during construction, the honeycomb aluminum plate is feasible, reliable and useful. The selection of this kind of plate not only increases the cost, the construction and the convenience, but also the technology is feasible and the use performance is guaranteed.

honeycomb aluminum plate

Type Foil Thickness (mm) Dimension(mm)   Density
Side length(a) Bore Diameter (D) Bore Diameter (D) Inch (kg/m³) (lb/cu-ft)
CMA53 0.05 3 5 3/16 69.55 4.34
CMA54 0.05 4 7 1/4 52.16 3.26
CMA55 0.05 5 9 3/8 41.73 2.61
CMA57 0.05 7.5 13 1/2 27.82 1.74
CMA58 0.05 8 15 7/12 26.08 1.63
CMA510 0.05 10 17 3/4 20.87 1.30
1. Material alloy 3003 H18.
2. Core height range: 3--570mm.
3. Core max. Tension size:
Side size 6 and under :
W1500 × L4000mm
Side size 7.5 and above:
W1500 × L 6000mm
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