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Aluminum tig welding rod also know as tig aluminum filler rod, used for electrodeless argon arc welding, tungsten argon arc welding is characterized by easy operation, concentrated heat, good protection effect, beautiful weld formation, good quality, and deformation of the weldment small. Generally, argon arc welding is used for welding aluminum and aluminum alloy components with high quality requirements.

Aluminum welding rod wires can be divided into welding wires of the same material and welding rod wires of different materials. Generally, a welding rod wire with the same chemical composition as the base metal or a slat cut from the base metal is used as the filler metal, that is, the same material welding rod wire. Welding rod wires of different materials are developed to meet the requirements of crack resistance. The commonly used heterogeneous welding rod wire is SAISis. The welding wire has good fluidity when liquid, and has a small solidification shrinkage. The weld metal has high crack resistance. It is often used for welding. Aluminum alloys other than aluminum-magnesium alloys. When welding aluminum-magnesium alloys, aluminum-magnesium welding rod &wire with a magnesium content of 1% to 2% higher than that of the base metal should be selected. The diameter of welding rod & wire for welding aluminum castings can be thicker, generally 5~8mm

Aluminum-magnesium alloy is what we usually call 5 series aluminum alloy. The addition of magnesium to aluminum has good weldability, has minimal strength loss, and is not easy to crack. If TIG is used to weld aluminum-magnesium alloys, the choice of welding  rod & wire  Generally it is ER5356, as well as ER5183 and ER5556. 5 series alloys are often used in shipbuilding. For this reason, ER5356, ER5183 and ER5556 are commonly used in the welding process of shipbuilding. On the other hand, you can also choose aluminum-silicon alloys, such as 4043 aluminum tig welding rod and 4047 aluminum tig rod. Silicon can increase the fluidity of the molten pool and improve the weldability.

Aluminum TIG welding rod size

aluminum TIg welding rod size chart

Plate thickness or fillet weld size 


Seam type

Tungsten electrode diameter


Welding wire diameter 
Nozzle size (inner diameter)
Shielding gas flow
Welding current (AC)
Number of weld passes Welding speed per welding pass
1.2 I-shaped groove and fillet weld 1.6 1.6 6-10 9.4 40-60 1 36-46
1.6 I-shaped groove and fillet weld 2.4 2.4 8-10 9.4 70-90 1 18-30
2.4 I-shaped groove and fillet weld 2.4 2.4 8-10 9.4 95-15 1 24-30
3 I-shaped groove and fillet weld 3 3 10 9.4 120-140 1 23-30
5 Fillet weld 4 4 11-12.7 11.8 160-200 1 23-30
5 V-shaped groove 4 4 11-12.7 11.8 160-180 2 24-30
6 Fillet weld 5 5 11-12.7 14 230-250 1 18-28
6 V-shaped groove 5 5 11-12.7 14 200-220 2 18-28
10 V-shaped groove 5 5 12.7 16.5 250-310 2-3 23-28
12 V-shaped or U-shaped groove 6 6 16 16.5 400-470 3-4 15

best aluminum tig welding rod

There is no difference between the best and the worst for aluminum tig welding rod. It depends on which kind of base material the customer is welding. The best aluminum tig welding rod is the best aluminum tig welding rod by choosing the welding wire that matches the base material better. In the welding process, we must choose the right welding wire. Different aluminum plates have different requirements for welding wire. We need to choose the welding wire that matches the compression and tensile capabilities.

5183 vs 5356 aluminum tig rod

The selection of welding wire is mainly based on the comprehensive consideration of the type of base material and the requirements of joint crack resistance, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Sometimes, when a certain item becomes the main contradiction, the choice of welding wire will focus on solving this problem, taking into account other requirements.

A,5356 vs 5183 aluminum tig rod’s application

1, ER5356 aluminum tig rod

ER5356 is usually used as ALMg5. It is an aluminum alloy filler metal containing up to 5% magnesium. It can be used for MIG or TIG welding. It has good seawater corrosion resistance. It can generally be applied to base materials 5050, 5052, 5083, 5356, Welding of 5454 and 5456. Its color after anodization is white, and its tensile strength is 290MP.

Performance characteristics: 5356 aluminum tig rod is an alloy welding wire containing 5% magnesium. It is a versatile welding material suitable for welding or surface overlay welding of cast-forged aluminum alloy with 5% magnesium. It has high strength and good forgeability. Has good corrosion resistance. 5356 aluminum tig welding rod can also provide a good color matching for anodized welding.

2, 5183 aluminum tig rod

ER5183 is usually used as a filler metal for ALMg4.5Mn alloy, which has a higher manganese content than 5356. Containing ingredients: 4.3-5.0% magnesium, 0.5-1.0% manganese and appropriate chromium and titanium, which can be used for MIG or TIG welding of spools or longitudinal incisions. This alloy is generally used in ships, drilling equipment, trains, For welding processing in industries such as automobiles, storage tanks and pressure vessels, applicable base metals include 5083, 5086, 5456, 5052, 5652 and 5056. The color of ER5183 after anodization is white, the melting point temperature is 1075-1180oF, and the tensile strength of the weld is 294MP.

Performance characteristics: 5183 aluminum tig rod is a 3% magnesium alloy welding wire, suitable for welding or surface surfacing welding of the same aluminum alloy materials.

B,5183 vs 5356 Physical and chemical properties

5183 vs 5356 Typical composition in %
Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Zn Be Ti Others Others Total
ER5183 <0.4 <0.4 <0.1 0.05—1.0 4.30—5.20 0.05—0.25 <0.25 <0.0003 <0.15 <0.05 <0.15
ER5356 <0.25 <0.4 <0.1 0.05—2.0 4.5—5.5 0.05—0.2 <0.1 <0.0003 <0.06-0.2 <0.05 <0.15

5183 vs 5356 Physical properties &size chart
Alloy ER5183 ER5356
Physical properties
yield strength 
Rpo2 (Mpa)
125 110
Tensile Strength 
Rm (Mpa)
275 240
Elongation A5 
(L0=5d0) (%)
17 17
Temperature (℃)
20 20
GB/T 10858-2008  
AWS A5.10
GB/T 10858-2008
 HS 331
AWS A5.10
Shielding gas Argon,Helium,Argon/Helium—mixtures
Common size
(Dimensions) Φ
Rods (mm)
0.8 ; 0.9 ; 1.0 ; 1.2 ; 1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4
1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4 ; 3.2 ; 4.0 ; 5.0 ; 6.0
Wire rods’s
Rods (mm)
S100/0.5kg 1Lb ,
S200/2kg ,
length :1000mm
Corrosion resistance and high strength. For aluminum alloy argon arc welding. Corrosion resistance, high strength and great versatility. For aluminum alloy argon arc welding.

4043 aluminum tig welding rod

4043 aluminum TIG welding rod is a 5% silicon alloy welding wire, suitable for welding cast aluminum alloy

When the 4043 aluminum TIG welding rod; is used for AC argon arc welding, flux is not needed, because this is fusion welding. The argon arc welding fusion welding breaks the oxide film on the aluminum matrix surface through the cathode crushing action, and melts it by arc The matrix forms a molten pool, and then 4043 aluminum TIG welding rod; is added to the molten pool to form a weld.

Typical chemical composition of 4043 aluminum TIG rod:

Si 5, Mg≤0.10, Fe≤0.04, Cu≤0.05, AL margin

Uses of 4043 aluminum TIG welding rod:

4043 aluminum TIG welding rod can be used for welding ships, locomotives, chemicals, food, sports equipment, molds, furniture, containers, containers, etc.

tig welding aluminum filler rod

In aluminum alloy welding, the structural composition of the weld metal determines the strength, plasticity, crack resistance, and corrosion resistance of the weld. Therefore, a reasonable choice of tig welding aluminum filler rod is very important. When selecting a welding wire, first consider the composition of the basic metal, the specific requirements of the product, and the construction conditions. In addition to meeting the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the welded joint, the rigidity and crack resistance of the structure should also be considered.

what size filler rod for tig welding aluminum?

aluminum tig rod sizes
Dimensions Φ 1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4 ; 3.2 ; 4.0 ; 5.0 ; 6.0, 
Rod Packagings 5/10kg
 length :1000mm

The size can also be customized according to customer needs, such as:

aluminum tig rod 1/8
3/32 aluminum tig rod
3/32 aluminum tig welding rod

tig welding aluminum rod supplier

Henan Chalco is the largest aluminum tig welding rods manufacturer  in China. The main products are 1100 aluminum tig welding rod, 4043 aluminum tig rod, 4047 aluminum tig rod, 4145 aluminum tig rod, 5356 aluminum tig welding rod, 4043 aluminum tig welding rod, 6061 aluminum tig rod, 5183 aluminum tig rod, 5356 aluminum tig welding Rod, 5556 aluminum tig welding rod and other TIG aluminum welding wire, MIG aluminum welding wire and flux-cored welding wire; our complete equipment can produce various specifications and models of TIG aluminum welding wire, such as 1/8,3/32 aluminum tig rod, 3/ 32 aluminum tig welding rod.

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