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5356 aluminum wire for mig welder is a magnesium alloy with magnesium 5% and a small amount of titanium refined aluminum alloy welding wire, with good corrosion resistance, high strength,  high heat resistance,good ductility. Weld anodizing treatment is still white, can provide a good match for welded joints, is a widely used general consumables.

aluminum wire for mig welder

5356 aluminum wire for mig welder
aluminum magnesium (3%Mg) alloy argon arc welding of the most basic metal filler metal, in the aluminum silicon magnesium, aluminum magnesium alloy welding and aluminum magnesium alloy castings were also used in welding. Such as the carriages,  bicycles,chemical pressure vessel, aluminum plate and other sports equipment and ordnance pwireuction, shipbuilding, aviation and other industries.

aluminum welding wire

aluminium welding wire
Physical Property
Melting temperature ℃ Thermal conductivity
Linear expansion coefficient
Electric conductivity
2.65 575-633 120 24.1 29
Weld Mechanical Properties (reference value)
Tension Strength(MPa) Yield Strength(MPa) Elongation (%)
250--300 110--140 15--25
ER5356   Aluminium & Aluminium Alloy welding wire
 Classification GB/T 10858-2008············       HS 331
AWS A5.10··············       ER 5356
Typical composition in %
Si··················          <0.25
Fe··················         <0.40
Cu··················         <0.10
Mn·················        0.05—0.20
Mg···············                4.50—5.50
Cr·················         0.05—0.20
Zn··················          <0.10
Be···············                      <0.0003
Ti················              0.06—0.20
Others···············            <0.05
Others Total··········                   <0.15
Physical properties
 0.2% yield strength Rpo2 (Mpa)···        110
 Tensile Strength Rm (Mpa)·····           240 Elongation A5 (L0=5d0) (%)···· 17
 Test Temperature (℃)·····               20
Performance & Usage
This type of pwireuct is widely used in general welding material with the Mg 
of 5%, which can be used in jointing or overlay forging and casting alloys 
processing. And the pwireuct is of high toughness , good forgeability, and 
well anti-comosiveness.
Shielding gas Argon, Helium, or Argon/Helium—mixtures.
Dimensions Φ MIG—wires (mm):
0.8 ; 0.9 ; 1.0 ; 1.2 ; 1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4
TIG —wires(mm):
1.6 ; 2.0 ; 2.4 ; 3.2 ; 4.0 ; 5.0 ; 6.0
wire Packagings  Mig wires :
S100/0.5kg 1Lb , S200/2kg , S270-S300/6kg-7kg
Tig wire  :
5/10kg     ·······     length :1000mm
1. Because of the stress corrosion cracking of the welded joint of aluminum alloy when the temperature is above 65 degrees, the electrode is not used in the structure of aluminum alloy in such a temperature environment.
2. Welding should be strict and clear the edge of the welding of the oxide film and oil, otherwise it will cause welding seam welding and cause the hole, slag and other defects.
3. Welding can be used for holding molten metal plate, in order to ensure the weld forming, and avoid hot crack.

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