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A plate containing extrusions is formed by extrusion and becomes marine grade aluminum ribbed plate sheet. The appearance of ribbed plate has a great influence on the structural design and construction technology.
Advantage marine grade aluminum ribbed plate sheet
1., the geometric accuracy of the ribbed plate structure is high
This is due to the construction of the cross section and its positioning is determined by the extrusion mold, rather than the traditional plate by manual welding. As a result, the plane of the aluminum ribbed plate is close to the geometric plane, which makes the overall stability and local stability much higher than that of the traditional plate.

aluminum ribbed plate
Give the superstructure a smooth appearance of the thin-walled structure. In the traditional plate, even the measures to control the welding deformation and the after welding correction process can not reach the extent of the aluminum rib plate at any rate. The connection between the profile and the plate is an arc transition, which can be considered as no stress concentration. This is not what a traditional plate can do.
2.  The residual stress of aluminum ribbed plate structure is very small.
The European Commission steel structure (ECCS) under the T2 Committee (the Committee on light alloy) Aluminum Alloy structure are studied, and find out the residual stress in extrusion profiles are generally very small (less than 20Mpa), from a practical point of view, negligible influence on carrying capacity. It is found that the stress of compressed jade is equal to 20% of the base stress and the welded steel profile reaches 70%. This means that the compressive residual stress effect on Aluminum Alloy plate end steel structure.
However, this effect must still be taken into account in stability accounting, rather than in the case of aluminum rib plates. It can be seen that the stability of the stiffened plate is improved both in construction and in service.
3. Marine grade aluminum ribbed plate makes the structure weld less
A large number of welds are not used to link plain longitudinal sections with aluminum ribbed sheets plates. The decrease of welding seam will inevitably reduce the amount of welding operation. The number of welds decreases, the welding deformation decreases correspondingly, and the amount of deformation after welding is greatly reduced.

aluminum ribbed sheet
4., Improve the macro benefits of shipbuilding
The residual stresses in the Aluminum ribbed plate, as described above, are very small and can be considered as non participation stresses, which allows the aluminum rib sheets plate to move forward from the process member to the desired member. From the point of view of the structure strength and stability of the model and the actual structure, the stiffened plate is much better than the traditional plate.
5. Ship maintenance service is extended and total service period is raised.
Because the marine garde aluminum rib plate greatly reduces the welding workload, and reduces the pollution of the welding work to the environment.
Width dimension of ribbed plate
The width of the stiffened plate refers to the length and width, the length is generally 6000mm., the width depends on the extrusion die, generally less than 2100mm.
The length of the profile of the aluminum ribbed plate is usually longitudinally arranged. The longitudinal arrangement is suitable for the main hull as well as for the superstructure.
6082 T6 Aluminum alloy extrusion ribbed sheets                          
4+ ip 50, b=250mm, (6000×2000mm)
5+ ip 50, b=300mm, (6000×2100mm)
6+ ip 60, b=250mm, (6000×2000mm)
6+ ip 60, b=300mm, (6000×2100mm)

marine aluminum ribbed plate
 Aluminum alloy extrusion ribbed sheets welding standard
1. Welding standard acceptance reference to ISO25239 appendix A.
2. After welding the surface flatness standard 5mm/m, other tolerance follow standard ISO13920 BF grade.
3. After welding the surface scratch(0.2mm) is not allowed, minior scratch is ok, the serious scratch shall be are treated with a polisher.
4. To make sure the welding is more strong and firm, the surface is very good, we suggest put R2 bar as below photos.

marine aluminum ribbed sheet
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