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The 7.6-meter private custom aluminum boat uses imported 5083-H116 marine aluminum, which has high strength and safety, rust and corrosion resistance. Its main advantages are as follows:
1: Recyclable: The 5083-H116 aluminum alloy material can be recycled as a metal material, while the FRP boat is not recyclable.
2: Durability, long life: The ship inspection requires that the effective service life of the aluminum boat is 30 years.

3: Impact resistance: The impact resistance of the 5083-H116 aluminum alloy hull is stronger than that of the FRP ship and the steel ship. This will become more and more obvious as the ship's service life increases. The exterior of the FRP ship is very fragile and can easily be damaged with frequent collisions. The corrosion resistance of steel hulls is very poor. After the hull is corroded by seawater, the anti-collision performance will become worse and worse with time. The 5083-H116 aluminum alloy material has great advantages in impact resistance and corrosion resistance.
4: Quick repair: The 5083-H116 aluminum alloy hull can be quickly and easily restored after collision. If the hull does not leak after impact, it is only necessary to use a simple hand tool to fill the outer panel. If the hull plate is leaking, it is only necessary to re-plate the welding according to the size of the leak. After repairing, the hull quality is the same as that of the new hull. The FRP hull is difficult to do this, especially after being subjected to more severe impacts, and the quick repairability of the aluminum alloy hull is particularly obvious. Can help the shipowner save time and materials to complete the repair work.
5: Light weight and fast speed: The weight of the 5083-H116 aluminum alloy hull is much lighter than that of the FRP hull and the steel hull, but the strength is very good and will not affect the payload of the hull. Moreover, the self-weight of the 5083-H116 aluminum alloy hull is always consistent, and the weight of the hull is reduced, which greatly improves the speed and fuel economy of the boat.
6: Personalization: The 5083-H116 aluminum alloy boat is easy to weld and can be customized according to customer requirements.
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