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> Casting process of 6082 aluminium alloy profiles for ship

6082 marine aluminum alloy has medium strength, good corrosion resistance and light weight. It is an ideal material for manufacturing high speed ships. Our company has carried out the development of marine grade aluminum profiles this year, now the ship aluminum profiles casting, extrusion process test research and production practice is briefly introduced.
1. technical requirements
1.1 appearance
The surface has no cracks, delamination, corrosion, oxide inclusion, peeling, bubble and mechanical damage, and the edge is flat without burr.
1.2 mechanical properties
The tensile strength is more than 310MPa, the yield point is more than 250MPa, elongation is greater than or equal to 10|%.

6082 aluminium alloy profiles for ship
2. casting process
The casting temperature of 6082 marine aluminum alloy is higher (6063 than normal process), casting speed is low, water flow is too large, the above process should be strictly controlled, can not exceed the scope, otherwise it will lead to casting failure.
3.extrusion process
The deformation resistance of 6082 marine aluminum alloy is large, so the temperature of casting rod is upper limit, and the die temperature should be higher. In order to prevent shrink tail or bubble, oxide skin, impurities involved, the residual should be longer. 6082 marine aluminum alloy has high quenching sensitivity, and the alloy contains Mn, which promotes the formation of intragranular intermetallic compounds, which has an adverse effect on the quenching properties. It is required that the quenching temperature be reduced to less than 50 degrees by quenching with high strength and quick cooling temperature. Profile after sawing, framing should maintain a certain interval, can not be too dense emissions.

marine grade aluminum profiles
According to the characteristics and performance requirements of 6082 aluminium alloy profiles for ship, the above process is reasonable. The homogenization treatment, induction heating and the failure of profile quenching are the prerequisites to meet the product performance requirements. The strict control of process parameters is the guarantee of product quality. In the casting process, the reasonable collocation of casting temperature, velocity and cooling water flow is the key to ensure the casting quality; in extrusion process, the control of the extrusion outlet temperature is the key to ensure the product performance. The products manufactured by this process successfully passed the certification of Norway classification society, and met the needs of users.
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