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6061 T6 aluminum T extrusion bar for boats

product description
6061 T6 aluminum T extrusion bar for boats features: medium to high strength, good corrosion resistance.
Application areas: high-speed ships, such as hydrofoils, speedboats, hovercraft, catamarans, etc. The application parts include ship sides, bottom outer plates, ribs, next walls, decks, etc.
The role of 6061 T6 aluminum T extrusion bar for boats is to seal the edge of the ceiling. The common size of corner aluminum is 25*25mm, and its color should be the same as that of the aluminum alloy panel. The corner aluminum is usually fixed on the wall column with cement nails. Only 2.7g/cm3, which is about 1/3 of the density of steel, copper or brass (7.83g/cm3, 8.93g/cm3, respectively). Under most environmental conditions, including air, water (or salt water), petrochemicals and many chemical systems, aluminum can show excellent corrosion resistance. The aluminum profile process is to place the activated plated parts in an aqueous solution of salt and hydrochloric acid for chemical treatment. The 6061 T6 aluminum T extrusion bar for boats made by this process has a film hardness of HV≈1500 and is more than 22K gold plating under the same conditions. It is 150 times wear-resistant and can be processed into various types of bright gold, color, black and other bright series of aluminum products.

6061 T6 aluminum T extrusion bar

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