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6061 marine aluminum tube fittings

6061-T6 marine aluminum tube is a kind of superhard aluminum alloy material that can be heat-treated and strengthened. Suitable for applications requiring high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Good usability, excellent interface characteristics, easy coating, and good processability.

Qualified chemical composition is an important prerequisite for the mechanical properties of 6061-T6 marine aluminum pipes. Before extruding aluminum profiles, it is important to ensure that the various components of cast aluminum meet the national standard requirements, especially the content of Si and Mg has an important impact on its mechanical properties. The main reinforcement of 6061 MgZS i, if it can not form enough MgZS i , Then the subsequent solution treatment, quenching and aging are no longer meaningful and cannot be strengthened.

The control of temperature is also critical. If the temperature of our rod is not enough, the aluminum alloy cannot reach the temperature of its solution treatment during extrusion, and it cannot be guaranteed that the reinforcement Mg2S i is completely dissolved into the aluminum matrix, and thus cannot play a strengthening role; If the temperature of the rod is too high, then during the extrusion process, excessively high temperature will not only destroy the alloy structure, but also often cause problems such as tearing and poor surface quality.

Typical uses of 6061 T6 marine aluminium tubes: marine accessories and hardware, joints, various hardware, hinge heads, magnetic heads, brake pistons, hydraulic pistons, valves and valve parts

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