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6082A aluminium rod 6082 anti-rust aluminium rod for ship fittings

6082A aluminium bar 6082 anti-rust aluminium bar for ship fittings has good formability, weldability, machinability and moderate strength. It can still maintain good workability after annealing. It is mainly used in mechanical structure, including bar, plate, pipe and profile. This alloy has similar but not identical mechanical properties as 6061 alloy, and its - T6 state has high mechanical properties.6082A aluminium bar is a very common alloy product in Europe and has a very high application in the United States. It is suitable for processing raw materials, seamless aluminium tubes, structural profiles and customized profiles.6082 anti-rust aluminium bar usually have good processing properties and good anodic reactivity. Common anodic reaction methods include removal of impurities, removal of impurities and dyeing, coating, etc.

6082A aluminium rod
6082 anti-rust aluminium bar Uses:
Aircraft fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, ships, pipelines and other applications in buildings requiring strength, weldability and corrosion resistance. Such as: aircraft parts, camera lens, coupler, ship accessories and hardware, electronic accessories and joints, decorative or various hardware, hinge head, magnetic head, brake piston, hydraulic piston, electrical accessories, valves and valve parts.
1. Good formability and weldability.  
2. High strength.  
3. It has good usability and excellent interface characteristics.  
4. Easy to process and coat.  
5. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.
Chemical Constituents of 6082 Aluminum Bar:
Cu; 0.1-, Si; 0.2-0.6-, Fe; 0.35-, Mn; 0.1-, Mg; 0.45-0.9-, Zn; 0.1-, Cr; 0.1-, Ti; 0.1-.

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