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ENQ/22/548/GMT/ Aluminium / Steel Marine Transition Joints For Ship Building

Product description: The aluminum plate and the steel plate are connected together by explosive welding, which is used to connect the steel plate and the aluminum plate together on the ship.
ENQ/22/548/GMT/ Aluminium / Steel Marine Transition Joints For Ship Building
Product overview: The steel-aluminum connector is composed of three layers: steel, pure aluminum, and seawater-resistant aluminum alloy plate.

The three layers are welded together by explosive welding.
Upper layer: aluminum plate (anti-corrosion aluminum plate 5083)
Middle layer: pure aluminum (1050/1060)
Base: steel plate
Size: The stock is in standard size, and the corresponding size can be provided according to customer requirements.
Width: according to customer requirements
Length: up to 3800mm
Thickness: 28mm or 34mm
ENQ/22/548/GMT/ Aluminium / Steel Marine Transition Joints For Ship Building
Processing application: Steel and aluminum connectors are easy to process and can be used to replace nuts and bolts or rivets. The processing temperature is very important and the temperature is controlled at 315° during the soldering process. When bending, the minimum dimension is 10 times the width or thickness of the connecting block.
The application of ENQ/22/548/GMT/ Aluminium / Steel Marine Transition Joints For Ship Building can effectively avoid the contact welding between the steel hull structure and the aluminum alloy hull structure, and can meet the structural continuity, airtightness and certain strength requirements, and at the same time It also has the advantages of reliable welding quality and low operation requirements. It is suitable for the actual production technical conditions of my country's shipyards.
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