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Marine grade aluminium angel bar 6061-t6

Angle aluminum is also called L-shaped aluminum, a long aluminum profile that is perpendicular to or less than 90 degrees.
Angle aluminum is also a general-purpose aluminum profile, which can be seen in construction, decoration, and industrial fields. It is used instead of angle iron in many places. The angle aluminum is not all equal in length on both sides, there are also L-shaped angle aluminum with one side long and the other short, and also the angle aluminum with rounded corners, all of which have their own special uses. Marine grade aluminium angel bar 6061-t6 Industrial aluminum profile angle aluminum is mainly used for connecting parts. Industrial angle aluminum not only has 90 angles, but also has 45 degree angles and 135 degree angles. This kind of angle aluminum undergoes deep processing procedures such as sawing and perforating to make a finished product, which is used as a connection and fixation between two profiles. Marine grade aluminium angel bar 6061-t6 Industrial aluminum profile angle aluminum is generally thicker and requires a certain strength to play a fixed role.

Angle aluminum 63*40*5 6061
Angle aluminum 63*40*6 6061
Angle aluminum 63*40*7 6061
Angle aluminum 70*45*4 6061
Angle aluminum 70*45*5 6061
Angle aluminum 70*45*6 6061
Angle aluminum 70*45*7 6061
Angle aluminum 75*50*5 6061
Angle aluminum 75*50*6 6061
Angle aluminum 75*50*8 6061
Angle aluminum 75*50*10 6061
Angle aluminum 80*50*5 6061

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