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> The four advantages of industrial aluminum for shipbuilding

Excellent welding performance
Welding contrast riveting has obvious advantages, because in the shipbuilding, the performance lost by welding can not be restored by re-heat treatment, while the industrial aluminum profile has good welding crack resistance, and the weld joint performance after welding is not much different. Very conducive to shipbuilding welding.

industrial aluminum for shipbuilding
Excellent corrosion resistance
When exposed to air, aluminum forms a dense, strong aluminum oxide film on the surface that resists the erosion of various elements in seawater. Together with anodizing technology, industrial aluminum profiles maintain a very stable form in seawater.
Low density, light weight
The density of aluminum is only one-third of that of iron. Under the premise of the same hull size, the industrial aluminum hull will bring lighter weight, which will greatly improve the speed of the ship and fuel economy. Get longer cruising range with the same amount of oil.

Good cold and hot forming properties
The ship is subjected to cold working (such as hemming, crimping, roll bending, stamping, etc.) and thermal processing (such as hot bending, firework orthopedics, etc.) during the construction process. Therefore, the marine aluminum alloy is easy to be processed and formed, and no defects such as cracks are generated during processing, and the performance requirements such as strength and corrosion resistance can be satisfied after the processing.
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