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marine Al 5083 Aluminium Alloy sheets H116

5083 aluminum plate is a product series with a high content of magnesium alloy. It belongs to a series of high-hardness magnesium-aluminum alloy products. The magnesium (Mg) content can reach 4.0%-4.9%. Usually, the intermediate value of 4.5% is taken during the production process, so marine Al 5083 Aluminium Alloy sheets plates H116 is also known as Almg4.5 aluminum alloy. This product is commonly used in the manufacture of mechanical parts and mold manufacturing industries, and has a wider range of applications in the manufacture of parts for automobiles, ships and tanker bodies. In recent years, it has been used more and more in the shipbuilding industry, mainly using aluminum alloy plates of the 5083-H116 series.

marine Al 5083 Aluminium Alloy sheets H116
marine Al 5083 Aluminium Alloy sheets plates H116 introduction: 5083H116 aluminum sheet is commonly used in the field of transportation, used in automobile fuel tanks, aircraft fuel tanks, etc. It can also be used as a marine aluminum plate. With the continuous development of my country's aerospace industry and transportation, automobiles, ships and airplanes have become important modern vehicles, and the demand for 5083-H116 aluminum plates will also increase. In my country, the 5 series aluminum sheet is one of the more mature aluminum sheet series, and it is also widely used in conventional industrial manufacturing. The main features of marine Al 5083 Aluminium Alloy sheets plates H116 are low density, high tensile strength and high elongation. In the same area, the weight of aluminum-magnesium alloy is lower than other alloy series. Aluminum alloy sheets in different heat treatment states are the main materials used in the automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, fuel tanks, seals), shipbuilding and canning industries. In addition, the magnesium alloy in the 5083-H116 aluminum plate has high strength, and the heat-treated alloy has good workability, corrosion resistance and welding performance. Due to its complex processing technology, high technical and equipment requirements are required to achieve excellent performance, so the price of marine Al 5083 Aluminium Alloy sheets plates H116 is generally relatively high.

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