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Comparison of hexagonal aluminium honeycomb and round tube aluminium honeycomb
In the field of aluminium honeycomb core, due to reasons such as production technology, aluminium honeycomb is used by people for a long time is not really a hexagonal structure, the more common is the use of many small aluminum bonding, similar to the "honeycomb aluminum honeycomb".
Now, with the improvement of production technology, people begin to gradually use the real hexagonal structure of honeycomb aluminum plate.

aluminium honeycomb
Compared with round tubular aluminium honeycomb, hexagonal aluminium honeycomb has many advantages, mainly including:
1.higher strength: aluminium honeycomb structure has become the most effective and reasonable structure in nature because of its hexagonal geometry. This shape disperses the external forces very well and supports each other, making it a perfect mechanical structure. The structure of tubular aluminium honeycomb will not have this advantage, on the one hand, it will be a good external circle cannot pass out of force is difficult to be dispersed; on the other hand, the bonding area many small tubes is very small, almost concentrated in the round and round the point position, compared with a whole the edge of the bonding area of hexagon, strength is smaller. Round tubular aluminium honeycomb is easy to break apart by hand, but hexagonal aluminum honeycomb is difficult to separate them.
2.lighter weight: because of the structural weakness of round tube honeycomb aluminum plate, in order to ensure enough supporting force, the method of increasing the wall thickness of the round tube is often adopted. The hexagonal honeycomb aluminum plate is not required so that its excellent mechanical structure but also for the people to save a lot of raw materials, under the premise of ensuring the strength, it can use thinner material, so as to make it lighter, this also means that the hexagonal honeycomb aluminum plate can save more raw materials into the.

honeycomb aluminum plate
3.better heat insulation and sound insulation: because hexagonal honeycomb density is smaller, the heat transfer and sound wave of the honeycomb wall is thinner, it is heat insulation, sound insulation performance is better than the round pipe type honeycomb.
4.The cross sectional area of smaller aperture: in the premise of the same, the cross-sectional area of the honeycomb are often less than tubular cellular 1/2, which makes the use of cellular air flow situations, honeycomb can more effectively through more air flow, improve efficiency, save energy.
5.Larger surface area: hexagonal honeycomb has larger surface area when the specific gravity is the same. Hexagonal honeycomb is more efficient when honeycomb is used as catalyst or filter media.
6.More beautiful, neat: with the production technology progress, hexagonal honeycomb aluminum plate arrangement can be very neat, appearance is more beautiful, and the tubular honeycomb aluminum plate is difficult to arrange the relative appearance is not very neat, neat.
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