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Commonly used aluminum alloy fittings for ships
There are many kinds of aluminum alloy fittings, mainly include: ordinary rectangular windows, windows, windows, skylights, small boats, shutters, windows, doors, hatches, mobile, empty cabin complex weathertight door, springboard, chair, sofa and so on. These marine aluminum fittings for manufacturing alloy 6061, 6N01, 6063, 6082, 1200 and 3003 alloys, they not only have high mechanical properties, but also has very strong corrosion resistance and forming properties and surface anodic oxidation treatment of good performance, Al Si cast aluminum alloy also has some applications.

aluminum extrusion
6063 aluminum alloy is a kind of aluminum alloy with large output and wide application. It is widely used in the manufacture of aluminum alloy fittings for ship, it is a kind of Al-Mg-Si alloy, containing 0.20Si%~0.6Si%, 0.45Mg%~0.9%, has very good extrusion performance, can be extruded in the complex section of hollow large materials, mostly in O, T5, T6 state application. Typical mechanical properties of 6065-T5 aluminum extrusion: tensile strength of 165N/mm2, yield strength 145N/mm2, elongation 12%, Brinell hardness 60, shear strength and fatigue strength of 70N/mm2 is 115N/mm2, elastic modulus 68.3Kn/mm2, shear modulus 25.8KN/mm2, Poisson's ratio of 0.33.

aluminum alloy fittings
6N01 is a commonly used marine aluminum fittings alloy, heat treatment can be enhanced, its strength than the 6063 alloy, is a heat treatment can enhance the grade of N alloy in Japan, on behalf of Japan (Nippon), although Japan is a kind of alloy, but all the countries in the world won the application. The main application states are T5 and T6, but the T6 state material is used more. The typical mechanical properties of 6N61-T6 aluminum alloy profiles at room temperature are tensile strength 290N/mm2, yield strength 260N/mm2, elongation 12%, positive modulus 68.9Kn/mm2, shear modulus 25.8KN/mm2, Poisson's ratio 0.33.

marine aluminum fittings
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