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5086 aluminum alloy ship board

Ships often sail in harsh seawater and marine environments, so whether the materials used are corrosion-resistant can determine whether they are one of the main factors for marine aluminum panels. Marine aluminum plates generally require no stress corrosion, spalling corrosion and intergranular corrosion tendency in the seawater and marine environment; the contact corrosion, crevice corrosion and marine organism corrosion should be avoided as much as possible; small uniform corrosion and pitting corrosion are allowed. .

Marine aluminum plates

Related experiments have shown that any small aluminum vessel can be used for decades without any obvious corrosion. The exit of such a ship is usually due to the outdated technology, rather than the aging of the aluminum structure. Therefore, in general, the aluminum-magnesium alloy of the 5-series ship plate has excellent marine weather resistance, especially seawater corrosion resistance. Among them, 5086 aluminum plate is a typical aluminum alloy for welding. It has high strength, good weldability, corrosion resistance and low temperature performance in non-heat treated alloy. It can be used on the ship side as a marine aluminum plate and will not corrode for a long time.

At present, Henan Chalco Aluminum Industrial Ship Plate Manufacturing has reached a new level, and the processing technology is much higher than before and more mature. Henan Chalco marine aluminum plate has been certified by the China Classification Society as an international authority. Due to its low density and high strength, the ship side manufactured by it can reduce the ship's weight by more than 20%. The application of Henan Chalco shipboard has penetrated the other side of the ocean and gained international recognition.
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