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6061 marine grade aluminum tread plate for ship deck

The deck is an important component of the ship. It is a plane structure above the inner bottom plate in the ship structure, which is used to cover the space inside the ship and divide it horizontally into layers. The deck is the steel plate on the girder, and the hull is divided into the upper, middle and lower layers.

6061 marine grade aluminum tread plate
Ship deck parts easy to water, dew, and open deck position is in direct contact with the atmosphere, erosion by wind and rain, sun exposure and seawater wet dry alternation, so the ship deck paint requires excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance, weatherability and adhesion. In addition, the staff activities and mechanical operation, the deck is often stampede and rolling wear and friction, vulnerable to all kinds of oil, the pH of the medium pollution, need regular cleaning, thus making the ship deck material has good skid resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance.

6061 marine grade aluminum tread sheet
Therefore, 6061 marine grade aluminum tread plate is the ideal aluminum for ship deck material. 6061 marine grade aluminum tread sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, weather resistance, skid resistance, easy to process, is an indispensable material for making ship deck. 5083 aluminium plate for ships and 5086 aluminium plate for ships are also important alloys for ship manufacture, Henan Chalco was Chinese Veritas certification and Norway Veritas certification, welcome to inquire.
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