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3003 3004 5052 5083 5086 5456 6N01 marine aluminum plate

Application advantages
Aluminum alloys are used as shipbuilding materials. Aluminum alloys have a small specific gravity and a low modulus of elasticity. They are corrosion-resistant, weldable, easy to process, non-magnetic, and low-temperature.
1. The use of aluminum alloy, the density of aluminum is low, the weight of the ship is reduced, the single engine capacity of the engine can be reduced, and the speed can be increased; the fuel consumption can be reduced, and the oil can be saved; the aspect ratio of the ship can be improved, the stability can be improved, and the ship can be easily operated ; You can also increase the load capacity for additional profits
2. Good anti-corrosion performance, reducing maintenance costs such as oiling, long trial period

3. Good processing and forming performance, easy for various forms of processing such as cutting, stamping, cold bending, forming and cutting, suitable for streamlined hull; can extrude large wide-thin thin-wall profiles, reduce the number of welds and make The hull structure is rationalized and lightweight,
4. Good welding performance, easier to weld
5. Small modulus of elasticity, large ability to absorb impact stress, great safety
6. Aluminum scrap is easy to recycle and can be recycled
7. No low temperature brittleness, suitable for low temperature equipment
8. Due to non-magnetic, the compass is not affected; all-aluminum ship can avoid mine attack, suitable for sweeping thunder
9. No pests and dry deformation; no burning, safer in case of fire
On the side of the ship, the bottom plate of the ship can be 5083 aluminum plate, 5086 aluminum plate, 5456 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate. The excellent corrosion resistance of aluminum boat plate can better resist the erosion of seawater and extend the life of the boat.
3003 aluminum plate, 3004 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate can be used as the top and side plates of the marine vessel. The 3003 aluminum plate has good rust prevention effect. Under long-term fengshui rain forest, the rust of the top plate can be reduced to a certain extent.
The wheelhouse can be made of 5083 aluminum plate, 6N01 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate. The aluminum plate is non-magnetic and the compass is not affected to ensure the correct direction of the ship during navigation.

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